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PARTY TRICKS - how to make sausage crab & porcupine

It is shocking how much sausages are consumed in Norway - especially the amount fed to children.

Sausage was definitely not one of the item which impressed me (when it comes to flavor and amount of salt...) when I moved to Norway. My question was, do children love them, because they are actually good, or just because that's the only thing they know? I had a feeling that it's the latter...

However, how sausages plays the crucial role in Norwegian culture, is quite impressive. Birthdays, 17th of May, BBQ, and of course, bringing into woods when we go walking.

Here is a little tricks to make sausage crab to make it more fun - especially for children. This is how my mother used to do when she was packing my lunch for school.

What you need:

Cocktail sausages (length should be ca 4-5 cm)


1) Cut the sausage in half (to make a long oval shape.) - this is only for the crab. For porcupine, only incision is required.

2) Make incision (please see pictures)

3) Fry in the pan

Tips: It is wise to serve with lots of other colorful vegetables. Dip sauce is also fun.

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