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Knekkebrød - Norwegian crisp bread

I had never seen anything like it. It's so nutritious and fiber rich! My first encounter was in my school days in US. I lived in a dormitory, and my college friend from Sweden introduced "Wasa" Kekkebröd which he received from his family in Sweden. It's something between bread and cracker, but carrying the best of both! The fabulous thing about knekkebrød is it's so easy to bake. You just mix and bake! You can replace ingredients with your favorite!

This is an ideal fun recipe to bake together with children!

Ingredients: (This recipe will make 36 pieces)

4 dl coarse whole meal (grov sammatl hvetemel)

4 dl oatmeal (havregryn - lettkokt)

2 dl sunflower seeds

2 dl almond poodle (mandel pulver)

1 dl pumpkin seed

1 dl linseed (linfrø)

1 dl hemp seeds

1 dl sesame seed

1 tsp salt

7,5 dl water


1) In a large mixing bowl, mix everything except water.

Tips: Using surgical glove make it so much fun for children!!! If you don't have it, just use spoon.

2) Add water and mix well

3) Preheat oven for 160 C degrees with fan

4) Place baking sheet on three shallow baking plates

5) Divide the mixture into three on each baking plate, and make them flat and "thin" with hands.

Tips: If you don't have surgical glove, place a cling film over the mixture, and press with finger/hands.

6) Using a pizza slicer or knife, make incision, and divide the mixture into whatever the size you wish. I this case, I divide each baking plate of dough into 12 each.

7) Bake in the oven (highest, middle, and lowest rack) for 15 minutes, change the rack, and bake another 15 minutes.

8) Remove baking sheet, and bake them some more on wire rack (approx. 15 minutes or until golden brown.)

9) Cool them on the wire rack, and keep them in dry place.

Tips: To freshen up, you can toast them (above the rack, not between) just a bit before eating

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