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Ringo (apple)-Mochi 林檎餅

Updated: May 29, 2023

Ringo means apple in Japanese.

It is only limited time of the year when we can eat local Norwegian apples. Maybe Norwegian apple is not as appreciated or proud as Norwegian strawberry, but I believe apple is one of the icons which represent Norway among other things.

Therefore, this is a collaboration project for me to combine this beautiful Norwegian apple with Japanese traditional "petit four."

I have had my own share of struggle, but finally managed to come up with a product: Ringo-mochi.

Mochi is Japanese rice cake, made of glutinous rice (very sticky type of rice.) In Japan, we often have "an" (bean paste) inside of Mochi, and eat as tea cake. This is an extended version of it. I made apple purée (but made it quite thick) and inserted in "shiro-an" (white bean paste.) Then I wrapped them with Mochi (rice cake.) These 3 layers of rice, bean, and apple gives marshmallow-like soft texture with quite refreshing kick of aroma of Norwegian apple.

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