PARTY TRICKS Healthy snack/dessert: fruits!

September 29, 2016

In Japan, it's very common to eat fruits after a meal as dessert.  It's the best "candy from nature," because they come with fiber.  

One thing I have learned in our household in Norway - if I leave fruits (say, apple, oranges, kiwi, etc) on the kitchen counter, they will be left untouched. However, if I slice them into "ready to eat pieces" everyone eats fruits!  

Fruits can be quite festive dessert, and great way to encourage people  to eat more fruits.  Let me show you a few tricks with "everyday fruits"!

(Please see slides above.)

I list few of the most commonly available fruits here:


Apple leaf - please refer to "PARTY TRICKS - how to make a leaf with apple" and "How to avoid oxidation - apple."

Orange slice - please refer to "Orange boat - for lunch box"

Strawberry - lovely with marshmallow...

Marshmallow - it gives wonderful accent within fruits, and kids love it!

Kiwi slices

Melon, water melon, pineapple - whatever available



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