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Best nutrition advice from Grandma

"Look what's on your plate. If it's colorful, then it's healthy."

This may be the best nutrition advice I have ever heard about food. She is so right.

She didn't study to be a chef and not particularly interested in cooking, either. But she knew.

She had only elementary school education, but her advices were genius.

I must admit, I am not keen on demanding on "clean eating" "low calorie diet" or "ecological" stuff. It has gotten super focused in recent years, but I look at myself and can say, "Well, I have eaten what we had, but I turned out OK." The point is that we have privilege of making choices, and as long as we focus on eating fresh, as much non-processed food as possible, I believe we would be OK. I just think it's sad that some people are so focused on calories or fat percentage, and missing out the whole pleasure of "experiencing food."

Despite the expectation on being Japanese, I am weak, and have no discipline. I have once joined a group of friends to be a support member of dieting, but after two days, I was caught red handed while licking peanut butter from a jar. And I got fired. It has now become a laughing story, but I just couldn't put myself staying away from all the good stuff which I loved. However, one thing I learned from the experience was that I don't need to eliminate things I love, but I can "reduce" the amount. It still gives me the reward (which I'd call it as a soul food, and something mentally needed) but the fact of "consuming less" gives result.

So when you eat something next time, look how many deep colors you have on your plate!

A photo of my grandma.

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