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October 15, 2017

October 15th is "mushroom day" in Japan, so I thought about introducing another tip on fun fruits for lunchbox.

It's quite simple, but super cute in lunchbox - all you need is raspberry and marshmallow!

Slice marshmallow so that it would fit the hole of raspberry.

August 2, 2017

Using ring form and slicing suggestions

January 29, 2017

I must confess one thing about chocolate cake: I have always disliked recipes with so much butter contents.  My question was, "Is it necessary to contain so much butter?" and the answer I found out was, "No."

This is a recipe for more fluffy and moist chocolate cake with only 60g butter.

My other chocolate cake recipe (with only 100g butter) is more dense:

January 29, 2017

Fish gratin might not be the most sophisticated dish you can have on your dining table, but it's so comforting, and easy to make.  Yes, it's easier than you think!  The best part: you can adjust what you want in your gratin!  This is a recipe with tips and tricks for a simple fish gratin with cod.

Tips: Use whole grain macaroni. 

            Reduce 50% of macaroni and use chic peas.



January 5, 2017

Ahhhhwwwww, turkey dinner was awesome, but what do I do with leftover turkey?

Turkey meat is surprisingly versatile.  Here is one of the suggestions of what you can do with leftover turkey meat.

First thing you have to do is to make them into bite size.  If the turkey are still attached to bones, remove them.

Tips: It's so much easier to do by hand, using surgical glove.  

One of the simple dish is creamy pasta sauce.  I add chick...

January 5, 2017

Broccoli is a relative of cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower.  It's an excellent sauce for vitamin A and C, as well as riboflavin, calcium, and iron.  It is mostly known to eat their buds, but the stem is wonderful for Wok, stir fry, or soup!  So please eat its stem as well as the buds!  

Here are some tips on working with broccoli.

Purchasing: Pick dark green colored one with tightly closed buds.


November 29, 2016

My beautiful niece had her 7th birthday.  She likes banana cake, but I wanted to decorate it with fruits - to make it a little more healthy and refreshing.

Here are very simple way of decorating small cake (you can use muffins, cupcakes, brownies, and whatever small cakes) with fruits.

I have used the following:

Banana cake - please see the recipe for banana cake.

Apple leaf - please see the article: "PARTY TRICKS - how to make a...

November 29, 2016

Banana used to be very expensive - when my mother was growing up in Japan, that is... (Now, you can buy bananas almost anywhere in the world, and they are not exactly super expensive fruits.)  She had to get sick so that her parents feel sorry and buy her a banana.  It was so exotic, exclusive, and she didn't mind getting sick, because of banana... - I don't think my grandma would have approved that, but at least, that was my...

November 29, 2016

Banana is a wonderful fruits with potassium and vitamin C.  It also gives carbohydrates which creates energy, thus makes one of wonderful add-in for lunch box.  I usually draw name and small drawing with a ball point pen which would make it more fun to bring to school!

November 29, 2016

When there are more than enough of banana which you can eat as they are, there are many ways of using banana in cooking.  Banana bread, banana cake (Please see an article: Banana Cake), etc.  And there are still more bananas left, it is possible to freeze.  The tip is to peel the skin and cover with cling film.  Banana meat keeps its creamy colour.  My mother used to insert a chopstick into banana and made popsicle (I believe...

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