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JAPANESE STUFF: Japanese dressing

What is Japanese dressing anyway?

I don't have any correct definition for it, but basically this is something contains Japanese traditional ingredients: Soy sauce and Ponzu.

Then what is Ponzu?

It is a citrus-based sauce, looks like thin soy sauce. In Japan, it is widely used as sauce or dip. It contains citrus fruits, such as Yuzu (super bitter citrus fruits, but it gives tremendously fresh aroma), Mirin (rice wine condiment, used as sweetener), Dashi, and Soy sauce.

I started making this dressing, because I can't buy it in Norway.


40 g grated onion

Small piece of garlic - pressed

0.7 dl soy sauce

1.2 dl vinegar (I use white wine vinegar. If possible, replace with rice vinegar.)

3 dl olive oil

1 dl Ponzu

1 tsp Dijon mustard

1/2 tsp salt


Mix everything in a sterilized jar, and shake well.

Keep them in fridge until serving.

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