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JAPANESE STUFF: Japanese mushroom

Shiitake Mushroom is sold in two different forms. Fresh and Dried. Most of Shiitake mushroom which are available in Norway at Asian market are from China.

Fresh Shiitake mushrooms are fabulous in butter sauté with piece of garlic, as well as Enoki Mushroom and Shimeji Mushroom.

For the recipe of mushroom sauté, please check on my article: Chanterelle/Kantarell sauté

Here are some tips on how to use dried Shiitake mushroom.

Soak dried Shiitake mushrooms until softened (I recommend overnight.) Lightly squeeze the water, and chop the softened mushroom into thin strips or tiny pieces. It can be added into Spring Roll, Gyoza, risotto, or Aji-gohan (Japanese Paella.) The water which was used to soak Shiitake mushroom is a wonderful stock which can be made into soup, risotto, or Aji-Gohan, etc.

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