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Fried noodle (Yaki soba)

Yaki soba means fried noodle in Japanese. It's cheap, quick, and quite common in Japan. Fried noodle itself came from China, but they are commonly cooked with soy sauce or salt. In Japan, it is Worcestershire sauce. It was invented after the war in Akita Prefecture. Since then, it has gotten so popular and Yaki soba culture has settled in Japan. It is just like Wok. You can add whatever vegetable you have in fridge. In Japan, a few things are basics for fried noodle. Pork and/or seafood (such as calamari, shrimp, etc) and cabbage. Worcestershire sauce is quite popular in Japan, and of course, we do have our own brand - Bull Dog and Otafuku. Dried egg noodles are now available in stores in Norway, so all you need is Worcestershire sauce. I believe Bull Dog Yaki soba sauce (Worcestershire sauce) can be purchased at Asian market.


2-3 Pork chop - slice into strips

1/2 cabbage - slice into strips

1 onion - slice into strips

1 paprika - slice into strips

1/2 package bean sprouts

ca 200g dried egg noodle

Worcestershire sauce

Salt and pepper


1) Fry pork strips in a frying pan. - set aside.

2) Fry onion (in the same frying pan) until transparent.

3) Add cabbage and paprika.

4) Add back pork strips into the frying pan.

5) Add cooked egg noodle, Worchestershire sauce, and salt and pepper, and blend well.

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