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Chicken and ginger soup

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

My mother used to make this soup. It really makes you warm, and great soup when you are having cold! My mother used to add root vegetable (whatever she had) but the few of them are fundamental: chicken, ginger, dried Shiitake mushroom, and Edamame (fresh soy beans without pods).

You can make your own variation, but here is the basic recipe:


2 chicken breast - chop into bite size

1 onion - chop into cubes

1 piece ginger (ca 30 g) - finely chop

1-2 clove garlic - finely chop

2 carrots - chop into cubes

1 parsnip (pastinak) - chop into cubes

ca 300g swede (kålrot)

ca 5 dried Shiitake mushroom

1 leek - chop into 1 cm thick rings

2 cups Edamame (frozen)


2 bay leaves

1 tbs black pepper corn

2 dried chilli

2 chicken bullion cubes


1) Soak dried Shiitake in a bowl of water until soft (you can soak overnight if you want.)

2) Fry chicken cubes, and set aside in a large pot for soup

3) Fry garlic and ginger. When you can smell aroma, add onion, lower the heat, and continue frying until onion become transparent. Set aside into the same pan as chicken.

4) Add carrots, parsnip, and swede into the pot, and fill with water.

Tips: Use the same frying pan to add the water. All the good flavor is on the frying pan. Just pour hot water into the frying pan and pour them into the pot.

5) Cook until boiling.

6) There will be lye on the surface of water. Remove them with cooking spoon.

7) Lower the heat, add spices except bullion (in sachet if possible.)

8) Continue cooking until all the root vegetables get tender.

9) Add bullion cubes, and Shiitake bits and broth.

10) Right before serving, add leek and Edamame, and let them cook until tender.

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