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How to clean kitchen sink

In recent years, people are so occupied with disinfecting hands (which is good,) but how about kitchen sink?

When I studied about cooking, it was more about importance of cleaning, bacteria, related disease, nutrition, cooking technique and history, more than wonderful recipes.

There is no need to get into details here, but it sure is necessary to keep your kitchen clean.

These are what I always have in my kitchen:

* Dishwashing gloves (it really help preventing your hands getting rough skin...) - super recommended!

* Dish washing soap

* Hand washing soap

* Dish washing sponge

* Dish washing brush

* Microfiber cloth

I recommend cleaning sink every day, and once in a while (say, once a week,) "whole cleaning" makes a world of difference!

I have tried different types of soap or detergent, but for me, creamy polishing/scrubbing detergent, such as Jif works the best.

What you need:

Dishwashing gloves

Dishwashing sponge

Creamy detergent, such as Jif with scrubbing effect

Microfiber cloth - for drying


Remove everything from the sink area.

Apply Jif on the surface area, and using the dishwashing sponge, remove all the dirt from the surface.

Rinse with water, and dry with microfiber cloth.

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