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Cauliflower soup

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Soup might not be fancy, but it is one of the most comforting dish. This is a very simple but beautiful cauliflower soup.

Before adding cream at the end, you can freeze!


1 head of cauliflower

1 onion - finely chopped

1 tbs butter

1 vegetable bouillon cube

(3 potatoes - peeled and chopped into a bite size. Add this if you want to make it more creamy)

1 dl cream


1) Remove cauliflower leaves.

2) In a large pan (big enough to have a whole cauliflower,) boil water which fills until the half amount.

Tips: If you want to make it super white, add a dash of vinegar into the hot water.

3) Sink the cauliflower into the hot water. After a few minutes, turn it upside down (so that the whole cauliflower will be cooked.) If you use potatoes, start with potatoes (from cold water) and when boiling, add cauliflower.

Tips: Do not throw away the cooked water.

4) Take out the cauliflower (and potatoes) from the pot. Cut the cauliflower by using a small knife, into small pieces. Set aside.

5) Take out about 3 cups of cooked water into a bowl, and dissolve the bouillon cube.

6) Heat up butter in a frying pan.

7) Very slowly, using low heat, fry the onion with low heat until soft and transparent.

Tips: The longer and slower you fry onion, the sweeter it gets.

8) Place cauliflower, onion, (and potatoes) into a blender. Fill with bouillon water.

9) Blend everything until smooth, and pour them into a pot.

10) Adjust thickness with rest of bouillon water and rest of water which you cooked the cauliflower in.

11) Add cream right before serving (and not to let it boil again.)

Tips: If you are going to freeze this soup, do it before adding cream.

12) Serve with fresh, crisp bread.

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