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How to clean up the kitchen mess: oil, sauce, etc.

Everyone knows that it is not a good idea to clog the pipe, so we should do what we can to avoid clogging pipes.

But how?

Here are some tips I use, and it works great!

When having, say greasy frying pan, small rest of sauce in the pan, or oils which were used for frying:

Kitchen paper/used paper napkin: they are awesome to wipe off any grease, and can be tossed in the bin.

Spatula: It is wise to scrape off as much grease from your utensil.

Milk carton: if you are to throw away the oil which were used for deep-frying, use the empty milk carton. Let the oil cool down completely (I usually leave them until next day,) pour the oil into a carton (Tips: using a funnel is a great idea!) seal with cap, and throw it away.

Plumbo: This is something very nifty and magical. Just spray over the grease/oil, leave it for a minute or two, and wipe off with kitchen paper or used paper napkin. It really helps to remove the grease/oil from the surface.


Different country has different cuisine, but have you noticed that different way of clean up also exists?

In Japan, there is usually a triangle plastic basket on the corner of the sink for the food trash. In US, there is usually a grinder, so we could just toss the food trash. In Norway, none of these exists, but we are to separate food trash, paper trash, plastic, and metal and glass. Some commune such as Oslo distributes special plastic bags for food trash, and metal and glass.

When washing dishes, despite the fact that so many different plates and bowls are used in Japan (such as bowl for soup, bowl for rice, plate for fish/meat, plate for pickles, etc,) but we usually wash them all by hand. In US, everything goes into dishwasher. In Norway, it is closer to US.

When we were buying a dishwasher, I actually had two plates in my bag - so that we'd make sure to buy one which suits our plates.

One thing I never put in dishwasher is knife. It must be washed by hand, and dried right after washing.

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