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PARTY TRICKS - how to make a leaf with apple

In Japanese cuisine, presentation is quite important.

Here is how to make fancy fruits plate with ordinary ingredients. Presentation makes the whole difference!

And the best part, you can do this a day before! (Please refer to "How to avoid oxidation - apple")

What you need:

1 apple

Tips: Try to pick symmetrical apple.

1 pair of chopsticks (square body.)

1 very sharp fruits' knife

1 bowl of water

1 pinch of salt

This is how you do.

1) Cut an apple in half.

2) Remove the core by straight-line.

3) Place the apple between two chopsticks. This is to prevent from cutting through the apple.

4) Make an incision towards the center bottom of apple (but the chopsticks will stop the knife.)

5) Do the same on the other side. Then outer leaf should slide off itself.

6) Repeat the incision until apple gets small.

7) Soak the apple pieces in a bowl of salt water.

8) Put together all the pieces into an original shape.

9) Keep in plastic box until serving.

If this is your first time to try this, expect to practice with 2 apples.

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