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It all starts from egg. You can find hundreds of wonderful recipes with eggs, but I'd like to focus more on tips and basics.

Egg white is an excellent source of protein and riboflavin. Egg yolks contain all the fat in an egg and good source of protein, iron, vitamin A and D, and phosphorus.

Some tips on eggs:

When boiling - prick a needle thin hole on a shell before boiling. It prevents eggs from cracking.

After boiled - soak them in a bowl of cold water. It makes it easy to peel later.

When storing boiled egg - I usually draw a face or mark on them so that I know they are boiled.

When peeling - gently crack the surface of shell by massaging the egg into a hard surface (such as kitchen counter.) Egg has a thin translucent skin (inner membrane) between shell and egg. This skin will hold the shell, and makes it easier to peel.

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