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Sakura-mochi (Kansai style)桜餅

Sakura might be the most loved flower in Japan. It's a symbol of spring. I don't know any other country in the world who has "Sakura-front" (Sakura Zensen in Japanese) in addition to cold and warm front for the weather forecast. It's the forecast of "when the Sakura in your area would be in full bloom" in addition to usual weather forecast. It shows how important Sakura is for Japanese people!

Sakura-Mochi is seasonal speciality in Japan, using salt-pickled Sakura leaves which gives delicate aroma of Sakura to its pink dough.

Kantou (Tokyo area) style uses rice flour and make it like a pancake, but Kansai style uses Doumyouji-ko (steamed, dried, and split glutinous rice) which was invented by the nuns at Doumyouji-temple in Osaka as preserved meal and to take on an ascetic practice journey.

Kantou style usually use Koshi-an (smooth red bean paste) but Kansai style usually use Tsubu-an (red bean paste with its skin.) However, for personal preferences, I used Koshi-an for this Sakura mochi. :-)

Sakura mochi is not as sophisticated as Jyounamagashi, and easily available all over Japan during spring time.

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