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For celebration....

Jyounamagashi is a traditional Japanese "petit four," and it can be a wonderful companion for festive occasions, such as wedding, baby shower, birthday party, or simply get together!

It is maid from only 3 ingredients: beans, rice flour, and sugar which makes it much healthier alternative to cakes and candies!

It is:

- Gluten free

- Lactose free

- Safe for Vegans

It is originally developed to enhance tea since late 19th century, and known as "edible art."

It can also be the "thank you gift" for the guests to take it home with wonderful memories.

A little bit more of Jyounamagashi:

Despite simplicity of its ingredients, process of making Jyounamagashi takes 3 days.

There is no preservatives or chemical added.

For details, please see related posts under the category: Wagashi/Jyounamagashi.

A little "thank you gift" suggestion:

In Japan, we give a small "thank you for coming gift" to your guests. For the wedding, it's usually red and white "petit four".

Jyounamagashi can be a wonderful idea to send your guests home with unforgettable memories.

A little bit about Rose Production:

My name is Hiroe Rose, and I am a cook from Japan.

I follow traditional recipe and method to create these "petit four" without any preservative.

I will be honored to be a part of your celebration!

How to order:

Please send me an email:


Pris info:

NOK 50-60 pr. stk

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