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Big salad

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Sometimes, I get an urge for a big salad, especially after traveling for some days.

My big salad actually is big, and contains lots of stuff. But the great part of this salad is that this is actually combined with leftover with additional ingredients.

When I made "pulled duck breast" (please refer to the recipe "Pulled duck/pork"), there were leftovers - not only meat, but also vegetables.

When cooked meat are the leftovers, we can re-use for something else, or can be frozen.

Here is an example of duck breast being used for salad.

Ingredients (= what I had in fridge, actually):

1 packet Rocket

5 leaves of Romano salad - ripped by hand into bite size

1 Snack paprika - chop them into ring


3 boiled eggs

1 avocado - sliced

Cherry tomatoes

Leftover pulled duck breast

Leftover carrots

Leftover cucumber

Leftover spring onion

Leftover sugar peas


You just have to assemble everything together in a big bowl.

Serve with Japanese dressing (please refer to the recipe: "Japanese dressing.")

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