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Cauliflower pickles

Cauliflower is available all year around, and entire floret (called the "curd") as well as leaves are edible. Green leaves are also edible, but it takes longer to cook.

Mark Twain described cauliflower as "Cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education." - makes me wonder why.

It can be eaten raw or cooked, and also possible to freeze them. It contains fair amount of vitamin C and iron.

To enhance the beautiful white color when boiled, add a pinch of salt, or lemon juice, or a table spoon of vinegar.

Here is an easy recipe for cauliflower pickles - an easy side dish.

Tips: This recipe requires microwave.


1 Cauliflower - slice them into small pieces and wash

1/2 onion (it can be red onion or white onion.)

1 dl vinegar

1 dl olive oil

3 tbs sugar

1/2 tbs black pepper corn

2 bay leaves

1 dried chili


1) Put all the ingredients into a pyrex bowl (the ones which can be used in microwave) and mix well. If using red onion, do not add it at this point. Red onion gets "blue" by heat. Please refer to an article: Onion.

2) Cover with saran wrap (cling film)

3) Cook in microwave in 2.5 min

4) Mix with spoon, and cover with saran wrap again.

5) Cook another 2.5 min in microwave.


7) When using red onion, add them after the bowl is cooled.

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