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NICE TO HAVE TOOL: Crock pot/slow cooker - Pulled duck/pork

Crock pot is actually a product name, and it is technically a "slow cooker."

I didn't know that Crock pot was so special - until I came to Norway. Everybody has one at home in USA, but it was introduced to Norway rather recently. My husband got hooked on pulled pork, so we purchased the most simple crock pot which we could find.

This is the recipe with duck breasts, but you can easily replace them with pork - a piece with bone is awesome.

All you have to do is to chuck everything in the pot, turn on the switch, and go to work.

By the time you come home, dinner is ready in the pot! That's the magic of crock pot!


4 duck breasts (you can replace this by shoulder cut of pork.)

1 onion - chop into large pieces

1 garlic - chop into large pieces

ca. 5 plum (you can replace this by pomegranate, nectarine, apple, etc. - fruits with little bit of acid and sweetness.) - no need to stone or peel.

1/2 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup soy sauce

1 bullion cube

2 bay leaves

2 small chilli (dried)

1 tbs black papper cone (whole)



1) Massage brown sugar into meat.

Tips: good idea to use surgical gloves!

2) Lay onion and garlic at the bottom on the Crock pot.

3) Place meat on the bed of onion and garlic.

4) Add fruits (in this case, plums), and soy sauce.

5) Dissolve the bullion cube in hot water, and add to the crock pot.

6) If you have a sachet, pack the bay leaves, chilli, and black pepper and place them in the pot. If sachet is not available, just put them in the pot.

7) Add the water until the bottom part of the meat is covered with liquid.

8) Turn on the switch and leave it for 8-12 hours. Do not open the lid.

And here is a tip about cleaning up.

What am I going to do with the rest?

Leave it until next morning. The fat would be harden and float on the surface.

Placing the plastic bag (I'd recommend you to use "double" bag ) inside a large bowl or pot, and roll out the edges to cover.

Using spatula, scrape everything in the plastic bag.

Knot twice for each bag.

And toss them to the garbage bin. Simple and clean!!!


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