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Salmon carpaccio

Despite the fact that Sushi is quite popular these days, introducing raw fish can be a challenge.

I used this recipe to introduce Norwegian fresh salmon to my uncle and aunt in US who are not keen on raw fish.

This is a great starter or lunch menu with fresh green and bread.


ca. 400g very fresh salmon (without bone and skin)

1 lemon

1 tbs dill (if fresh one is not available, you can use dried ones.)

2 charlotte onion (in this example, I used banana charlotte - easier to chop!) It can be replaced by 1 spring onion.

1 tbs sugar

2 tbs caper

3 tbs olive oil


1) Clean the salmon and dry with kitchen paper. Wrap in cling film and freeze 1-1.5 hours (depends on thickness of the salmon).

Tips: This would make it much easier to slice.

2) Meantime, grate lemon zest, and squeeze lemon juice.

Tips: I always use "mat papir" when grating something. It helps me to keep the kitchen area clean, and easier to handle after grating.

3) Finely chop onion

4) Mix lemon zest, lemon juice, dill, onion, sugar, caper, and olive oil and mix in a small bowl to amalgamate.

5) Unwrap the salmon (make sure it's "firm" to the touch) and slice them into very thin slices.

6) Starting with small amount of marinade on the bottom, make layers of marinade and salmon slices - finish with a layer of marinade.

7) Using cling film, press the cling film directly over the fish (make sure to cover fish slices with marinade) and chill them for overnight.

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