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Shrimp and avocado salad with Rhode Island sauce

My father used to make this super simple salad as startar when we visited him. It was something we ate while letting his BBQ rest before slicing.

Here are two versions of the same recipe. It's just how you want to make it look.


Avocado 1/2 per person

Shrimp ca. 200g (with shell) per person

Rhode Island sauce:

4 tbs mayonnaise

4 tbs Crème fraîche

3 tbs ketchup

1 tbs sweet chilli sauce

1/4 grounded white pepper


1) Peel shrimp. Please note about 70% of the weight for the shrimp was for shells.

2) Cut avocado in half and remove the stone.

Easy version (my father's version)

Fill the hull of stone with Rhode Island sauce, and stuff the shrimp on top.

A little bit more fancy version:

1) Dice the avocado into small pieces.

2) Using a ring form, fill the avocado. Press with something flat (like glass with plastic cover.)

3) Dice shrimp into about the same size as avocado, but keep 3-5 as whole for decoration.

4) Mix diced shrimp with Rhode Island sauce, and fill them in the ring form (on top of avocado.)

5) On the top, decorate with whole shrimp.

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