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When you feel like something fabulous for dessert or coffee with your friends, this is a great recipe.

You can prepare a day before, but do not dust the cocoa powder until serving.

This is a recipe for a single layer Tiramisu.


2 eggs

50 g sugar

250 g (= 1 packet) Mascarpone cheese

10-15 finger biscuits

1 cup cold espresso

Tips: Do not use coffee. Use espresso!

Cacao powder for dusting.


1) Brew espresso and set aside to cool.

2) Dip finger biscuits in cold espresso and place them in a form.

3) Separate egg white and yolk.

4) Whip egg yolk until double the size and getting white.

5) Add sugar in a few batches, keep whipping.

6) Add Mascarpone cheese, and keep whipping.

Tips: It is very important to whip well so that it won't run when making a layer.

7) Whip egg white until stiff.

8) Using spatula, carefully mix egg white into cheese mixture.

9) Spread the cream over biscuits.

10) Cover with plastic film, and keep it in fridge min. 2 hours.

11) Dust with cacao powder before serving

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