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What to do with leftovers?: Rice to fried rice

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

There are over 40,000 different types on rice in the world, but in Japan, medium grain rice (in Norway, it is known as Sushi rice) is the most common. We hardly see/find Basmati or Jasmine rice in Japan. Please note that almost all Japanese people use "rice cooker".

I grew up with rice. And I love rice.

So when my friend asked me, "OK, so I made rice, but what am I going to do with leftover rice?" I could come up with 20 different suggestions.

Here is one of them (the easy one): fried rice.


Leftover cooked rice (3-4 cups when cooked)

1 onion - finely chopped

ca. 175 g chopped ham (it can be replaced by sausage, cooked chicken bits, or even leftover pork chop!)

ca. 2 cups frozen vegetable

1 tbs powder bullion

salt and pepper


Tips: Use Wok pan or large, deep frying pan

1) Fry onion in a pan with some oil (I usually use grape seed oil.)

2) Add frozen vegetable and cook until they are tender.

3) Add rice, chopped ham, bullion powder, and salt and pepper.

Tips: Heat up rice in microwave before adding into the pan to spare some time.

When all is warm, it's done.

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