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Chicken and pistachio Terrine

My dearest French friend told me, "Nobody bothers making terrine these days in France" despite the fact that she loves one. It makes an awesome starter, or light lunch menu. So I wanted to show you how easy it is to make terrine/pâté.

So, to begin with, what's the difference between terrine and pâté? Terrine tends to be more "chunky" while pâté is rather smooth.

In this recipe, it is more of "terrine side" as there will be chunks. You can involve children into making terrine by using surgical glove. For children, this is going to be something like "playing with mud which we can eat afterwards!" Super fun stuff!


1200 g ground chicken meat

1 cup white bread crumbs

1/2 cup cream

1 egg white

4-5 charlotte onion (if not available, you can use 2-3 spring onion) - finely chopped

1 garlic clove - pressed

180 g smoked bacon/ham - chopped into cubes. (It needs to be a solid chunk, not thin slices.)

1/2 cup pistachio - shelled

3 tbs tarragon - fresh one is the best, but difficult to find. So it's OK to use dried one.

2 pinch fresh grated nutmeg

Salt and pepper

You will need (tools)

Surgical glove or wooden spoon

Large bowl

Aluminum foil (I recommend extra wide, strong foil.)


1) Heat up the oven at 175 C degrees with fan.

2) Mix everything in a large bowl.

Tips: This is like making sausage. You need to add enough salt and pepper - a bit more than you think necessary.

Very fun and wise to use surgical glove!

3) Spread aluminium foil onto oven tray.

4) Make a log with chicken mixture on the aluminium foil.

5) Bring together the long side of foil and fold over to seal (please see pictures for reference.)

6) Bake at 175 C degrees for 90 minutes.

7) Let it cool, preferably overnight.

8) Slice and serve with green salad.

Tips: If you don't eat them right away, it is possible to vacuum pack terrine, and freeze them. Defrosting the frozen terrine in fridge overnight would make a wonderful dish for tomorrow!

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