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Brandade de morue - magic of klippfisk! (dried and salted cod)

My first encounter with Norwegian Klippfisk was Bacalao - it is one of my favorites still to this day. I have learned that it is actually Portuguese recipe, but still, the combination of cod and tomato is genius. In Japan, we'd probably try to save its beautiful white flesh color, so we'd never come up with recipe using tomatoes. Anyway, my husband isn't keen on Klippfisk for some reason, and Brandade was my attempt on introducing him different dish, using Klippfisk. I am glad to say that this is one of his favorite dish ever since!

Due to the fact of necessary long preparation time (soaking in water) for klippfisk, I wanted the recipe to be super simple without fancy tricks and spices to give "hint of this" and "hint of that" flavor. It's cod, so we should taste cod!

You will need a blender or hand mixer or food processor for this recipe.


ca. 400g Klippfisk (dried and salted cod)

ca. 400g potato - peel and cook in small pieces (just like making mushed potatoes)

1/3 cup olive oil

2 cloves garlic - chop roughly

1 cup cream

White pepper to taste

Spring onion for garnish


1) Place Klippfisk in a bowl of water, and leave it for 2-3 days. Change water a few times.

2) Drain water, place klippfisk in a pot, cover with fresh water, and cook until "just cooked." - the duration is depends of thickness of cod itself.

3) Drain water, remove skin/bone if any.

4) Place the garlic into a small sauce pan, pour olive oil, and cook until garlic gives out the wonderful aroma. Set aside.

5) Warm up the cream, but not to boil.

6) Place cooked Klippfisk and cooked potato into a blender, and start pureeing.

7) Slowly add olive oil (but not garlic! They are only used to give flavor) and cream, until it gives thickness of mashed potatoes.

8) Add white pepper to taste.

9) Garnish with spring onion, and serve with green salad and crispy bread

Tips: You can bake them in oven safe dish to make the surface nicely crispy!

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