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Belgian Waffles

I must admit that I love Belgian waffles as much as Norwegian waffles. They are different - in heavenly way!

I have tried many different recipes for Belgian waffles, and had horrific experiences. My conclusion was (in my opinion, that is...) that it's better with baking powder and egg white, instead of yeast. And this is the most simple recipe for people like me who wants to whip up the waffle in a jiffy!

It can be served with butter and Maple syrup, jam, or with Norwegian way: brown cheese!

Ingredients (this recipe makes about 16 waffles):

5 dl (or 300 g) flour

1/2 tsp salt

1 1/2 tbs baking powder

1/2 dl sugar

2 eggs

5 dl milk

1,25 dl oil (use oil without strong aroma, such as peanut, grape seeds, etc)

1 tsp vanilla

Melted butter or spray butter for baking.

* You will need a Belgian Waffle iron for this recipe!


1) Combine all the dry ingredients (flour, salt, baking powder, and sugar) and blend well.

Tips: I'd recommend to sieve the mixture for a few times to avoid crumbs.

2) Separate egg white and yolk.

3) In a bowl, mix egg yolk, oil, milk, and vanilla.

4) Add the mixture into flour mixture.

5) Whip egg white into stiff peak.

6) Add egg white into flour mixture, and fold in softly with spatula.

7) Brush melted butter or spray the butter on heated Belgian Waffle iron.

Tips: You can choose to use melted butter or spray butter.

Tips: Waffle iron must be well heated before pouring the batter on.

8) Bake until golden brown.

Tips: If there is a leftover, you can freeze them!

Insert wax paper or baking sheet, or "food paper" (mat papir in Norwegian) between each waffle, wrap, and place them into plastic bag.

Toast the frozen waffle, and it would be good as new!

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