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What to do with leftovers?: Pizza sauce and frozen bean into wrap.

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

This is an accidental recipe.

We had leftover pizza sauce from the day before, no idea what to cook for dinner, and the clock was ticking.

Pizza sauce does not have to be used only for Pizza. So I made them into filling for wrap.

Frozen bean came in handy (in this case, I used Azuki beans. They are much smaller than kidney beans = almost invisible with ground beef, and has the red color = easy to blend in.)


ca. 3,5-4 dl leftover pizza sauce

400g ground beef

1 red paprika - finely chopped

1 onion - finely chopped

ca. 300g cooked Azuki beans - thawed.

Salt and pepper to taste

Ketchup (optional)

For serving:

Flour tortilla

Leafy green vegetable

Grated cheese (optional)


1) Pour boiling water over frozen beans to thaw. Drain and set aside.

2) Slowly fry onion in table spoon of butter (please refer to: How to cook onion) in a deep pot.

3) Remove cooked onion from the pan, set aside, and fry the ground beef (using the same pot.)

4) When beef is cooked, add back onion, paprika, bean, pizza sauce, and salt and pepper.

5) If it happens to be too dry, you can add ketchup (but please do not make it saucy.)

6) Cook under medium heat until hot and mix well.

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